Success man remanded over stabbing of wife, mother-in-law

-stole car after cutlass attack, court hears

Julian Sargeant

Julian Sargeant, the carpenter who allegedly stabbed his common-law wife and his mother-in-law and assaulted a five-year-old in an unprovoked attack last Saturday, was yesterday charged with two counts of unlawful wounding.

Sargeant, 36, of Success, East Coast Demerara, was also charged with attacking a man and stealing a car as well as dangerous driving and he was eventually remanded to prison by Magistrate Alisha George at the Sparendaam Magistrate’s Court.

The court heard that on July 28th, at Success, Sargeant unlawfully and maliciously wounded his common-law wife Tiffany McBeth. It was also alleged that Sargeant on the same date unlawfully and maliciously wounded Lorraine McBeth, Tiffany’s mother.

Police prosecutor Shellon Jupiter stated that on the day in question, the victims were sleeping. Tiffany was, however, awakened by the accused choking her and her five-year-old niece. The prosecutor said the woman was able to get Sargeant off of her but he then armed himself with a knife and stabbed her several times. He also allegedly stabbed her mother, who attempted to go to the woman’s assistance. The man then made his escape.

Jupiter reported that after Sargeant was arrested, he told police, “I stab them because someone wanted to kill me.”

Meanwhile, police have said that Sargeant was arrested after stealing a car and crashing it, hours after the attack on the McBeths.

The court heard yesterday that at Felicity, East Coast Demerara, while being armed with a cutlass, Sargeant robbed Ravendra Singh of a car, valued $1.2 million. The prosecution’s case was that on July 28th, around 11 am, Singh had parked his car and was heading into a shop when he was approached by Sargeant, who was armed with a cutlass. Sargeant allegedly fired several chops at Singh and escaped in the man’s car. Singh, however, gave chase in another car and saw Sargeant lose control of the stolen car and crash into another vehicle.

As a result, Sargeant was also charged with driving PRR 1846 in a manner dangerous to the public at Ogle Railway Embankment. It was alleged that Sargeant was driving the car west along the southern side of the Ogle Railway Embankment at a fast rate of speed and collided with PJJ 4593, which was proceeding in the same direction.

Sargeant pleaded not guilty to all the charges but Magistrate George refused him bail and remanded him to prison until August 29th, when his next hearing is scheduled.

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