Mibicuri residents complaining of police harassment

-Nandlall to write Top Cop

Anil Nandlall and residents headed to the police station

Several residents of Mibi-curi, Black Bush Polder on Tuesday claimed that they are being harassed by the police within the community, and as such Member of Parliament, Anil Nandlall who met with the residents, plans to write the Commissioner of Police on the matter.

According to the residents, who are mostly farmers, their motorcycles and tractors are often unable to qualify for fitness and road licences since they are used mainly to traverse the backlands and are in a terrible state of repair.

The residents pointed out that the mud from the dams would often damage the electrical system of their vehicle, resulting in their lights not functioning properly. However, they stressed that they only utilise those vehicles in the backlands and around the Black Bush Polder area during the daytime.

Resident walking into the police station

On Tuesday afternoon, Nandlall, along with about ninety residents, marched to the Mibicuri Police Station to have a dialogue with the police present.

According to the former Attorney General, Nandlall this is not a new issue in farming areas, noting that while in government he had met with the police in these areas and had requested some sort of relaxation of the law. He stated that it was usually done on directives from the Commissioner of Police.

On Tuesday, Nandlall explained to the police attached to the Mibicuri Police Station the importance of a harmonious relationship between the community and the police. He further highlighted the danger of the situation turning into a confrontation between the police and the community, and as such, requested the police’s cooperation.

 Nandlall said that the police offered to cooperate once they were instructed by their superiors to do so. As such, Nandlall plans to write the Commissioner of Police in the hope of resolving the matter at the earliest opportunity. The letter will also be sent to the Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan, Commander of B Division, and the Officer In Charge of Traffic in B Division, he said.


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