PPP/C Region Six rep calls for more consultations with GECOM

From left are Zamal Hussain and Denis Deroop

More consultation with GECOM is needed, accord ing to the Deputy Chief Scrutineer of the PPP in Region Six, Denis Deroop who railed against the adjusting of constituencies for the upcoming local government elections.

Deroop noted on Monday at a press conference that to his knowledge GECOM has so far carried out only two consultations; one on the East Bank of Berbice and another in the West Canje area. However, according to Deroop, they are not satisfied with those consultations.

“GECOM is not giving enough information to the residents of Region Six,” Deroop explained, while adding, “It wasn’t even a consultation, it was just to bring information to the residents that they already decided on these NDCs (Neighbourhood Democra tic Councils) to form these areas. In fact, the (Minister of Communities, Ronald Bulkan)  sign it off already, they have already decided on the boundaries of the various constituencies and that what is very important for the residents.”….