King sets new timetable for relocation of markets clerk’s office

In two weeks, the office of the city’s Clerk of Markets will be relocated from the Stabroek Market to the Kitty Market, according to Town Clerk Royston King, who said the new accommodation is being finalised.

During a press briefing last Thursday, King announced that the office of the Clerk of Markets would be relocated to the upper flat of the Kitty Market, which has been undergoing rehabilitation works since 2016.

“Our technical team is tidying up that section of the market,” he disclosed.

Due to the deplorable state of the office and the resulting poor working conditions for staff at the Stabroek Market, King said a decision was taken to move the office to the Kitty Market, where some infrastructural works need to be completed.

In early July, King said the office would have been moved within three weeks but the timetable had to be adjusted due to what he has called minor setbacks.

“We are agonisingly aware of the negative state of the office of the Clerk of Markets and not only the office at Stabroek Market, but also, if you go to Bourda Market and some of the other markets, you will see a similar negative situation. It comes down to resource constraints,” he had said.



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