Each community must utilize its potential – Lawrence

Minister Volda Lawrence (left) and her team interacting with a health worker in Princeville, Region Eight (DPI photo)

Minister of Public Health Volda Lawrence has declared that the best way far-flung communities can improve and expand the delivery of healthcare services is to utilize the potential in each community.

“The best way to do so is by using the potential in each community so that residents can have easier access to health- care services,”  Lawrence was quoted as saying, in a Department of Public Information (DPI) media release.

The minister was the time conducting an inspection tour of the District Hospital at Mahdia and several health posts, accompanied by Director of Regional and Clinical Health, Dr. Kay Shako and other senior officials.

Lawrence has been advocating for the renewal of primary health care services in hinterland communities, according to the DPI press release, particularly, the training and equipping of Community Health Workers (CHWs) who play a significant role in the healthcare chain of services.  The training forms part of a process of preventative medicine and health care delivery and health promotions activities targeting families in the respective communities.

According to the DPI release, one retired CHW, known in his community simply as ‘Henrito,’ who resides in Princeville, Potaro-Siparuni, has pledged to work closely with the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) to ensure there are sufficiently trained health workers in communities throughout Region Eight                        

Henrito, who volunteers in his community by engaging residents in healthy lifestyle habits while performing the functions of a CHW, is of the opinion that his knowledge must be imparted to the younger residents of the community, the DPI media release said. Henrito has made it his mission to ensure that more hinterland youths will receive the necessary training in order to meet and serve the needs of their respective communities.

 Henrito had indicated his willingness “…to come back on the job and work with the MoPH. He has also promised to identify a few young persons who have just graduated from secondary school here in Region Eight so that they can begin to understudy him and eventually participate in the CHW course,” Lawrence was quoted in the DPI statement as saying.



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