AG in the dark on work of UN anti-corruption project

British anti-corruption advisor David Robinson (second, from left) with Sydney James, Head of SOCU (at left), Attorney General, Basil Williams, Joann Bond, Deputy Chief Parliamentary Counsel and Matthew Langevine, Director of the Financial Intelligence Unit, after a meeting last September. (Ministry of Legal Affairs photo)

Almost a year after former UK Prosecutor David Robinson arrived in Guyana to spearhead an anti-corruption project, there is no available information on what he is doing or has done thus far.

In fact, Attorney-General Basil Williams SC, who met Robinson shortly after his arrival, says he has no knowledge about his work.

“You will have to ask him,” Williams said when asked about Robinson’s work during a press conference last Monday.

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) advisor had handed a draft anti-corruption work plan to government in relation to the GUY24 project, which is aimed at supporting the prevention, investigation and prosecution of corruption soon after his arrival…..

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