PI underway into manslaughter charge against youth accused of killing girlfriend

Rick Sewcharran (left), Sasia Adams (right)

The Preliminary Inquiry (PI) into the manslaughter charge against Rick Sewcharran, who is accused of killing his girlfriend Sasia Adams, commenced yesterday.

Two witnesses, the deceased’s mother, Jennifer Adams, and police photographer Constable Felix testified before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan, who is presiding over the PI in Georgetown.

The inquiry will continue today.

Sewcharran, 21, was charged in June with killing Adams on June 10th, at Lamaha Street, Georgetown.

Adams, who was rushed to Dr Balwant Singh’s Hospital by Sewcharran with severe head injuries, had told officials that she sustained her injuries from a fall at home. Police, however, said that Sewcharran gave conflicting accounts of how the 19-year-old sustained her injuries, including that she had jumped out of his car. The girl’s relatives have, however, refuted that claim, stating that she would never have jumped out of a moving vehicle.

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