Bartica woman gets bail on drug possession charges

Wendy Dyers

Bartica resident Wendy Dyers was yesterday asked to post a total of $80,000 bail for her release after she denied charges of possession of cocaine and cannabis.

It was alleged that on October 5th, at First Avenue, Bartica, Dyers had in her possession 25.1 grammes of cocaine for trafficking.

It was further alleged that Dyers also had in her possession16.1 grammes of cannabis for trafficking.

Dyers pleaded not guilty to both charges. Her attorney, Latchmie Rahamat, in an application for reasonable bail, told the court that the narcotics were found in a room not used by Dyers. Rahamat added that the narcotic was found in a basket in a room that was occupied by a man who was recently remanded for a trafficking charge.

Police Prosecutor Warren Thornhill, however, objected to bail being granted based on the seriousness of the offence. He also stated that the prosecution’s facts differ from those of the defence. Thornhill said the accused was the lone occupant of the room in the two-storey home where the narcotics were discovered in a clothes basket. The prosecutor added that she also admitted to ownership of the narcotics and had begged the officers for a chance.

After hearing the submissions from both sides, Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan then adjourned the matter until October 26th, when it will be heard at the Bartica Magistrate’s Court. Dyers was granted her release for posting $10,000 bail on the cannabis charge and $70,000 bail on the cocaine charge, with the stipulation that she report to the police every Friday until completion of the trial.


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