NA Rotary Club in polio awareness walk

Rotarians of the New Amsterdam Rotary Club at the conclusion of the Polio awareness walk held yesterday morning in Berbice. (DPI photo)

Healthcare professionals, friends, family and Rotarians from the Rotary Club of New Amsterdam took to the streets yesterday morning  in a walk aimed at raising public awareness of Polio, the Department of Public Information reported.

The walk commenced at  Palmyra and ended at Number Two Village, East Canje. Several participants carried banners with slogans calling for the elimination of Polio.

President of the New Amsterdam Rotary Club Rafeek Kassim said they will continue to raise awareness and fight against Polio until the disease is eradicated globally.

Kassim said that over the years the Rotary has always employed sensitisation as a tool to fight against the disease and while they have made tremendous strides and have been able to sustain it, the main goal will be achieved only when polio is completely eradicated.

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