APNU wins 21 city seats, PPP/C 7, AFC 2

A Partnership for National Unity clinched 21 of the 30 seats on the city council at yesterday’s local government elections while the opposition PPP/C secured seven – a vast improvement on the two that it held at the 2016 polls.

At the 2016 polls, APNU+AFC captured 25 of the city council seats. This time around, without the AFC, APNU managed 21 seats while the AFC gained two proportional representation seats. Collectively, their take has declined by two seats while the PPP/C has gone up by five.

Team Legacy which held two seats in 2016 and the Benschop for Mayor slate which held one did not participate this year.

The PPP/C didn’t win any of the 15 city constituencies in 2016. This year it won three: Kitty-Subryanville under the candidacy of Nalissa Ferguson, Campbellville-Prashad Nagar under the candidacy of Dimiti Ali and Cummings Lodge under the candidacy of Param Persaud.

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