Ukrainian national rearrested over alleged new threats to accuser

Maksym Furtak, one of the two Ukrainian nationals charged in August with threatening and assaulting a Guyanese while working in the interior, was rearrested yesterday after allegedly making another threat to one of their accusers.

Stabroek News was told that Furtak has been accused of making the threats yesterday at the Bartica Magistrate’s Court.

As Furtak was leaving the court, he allegedly told the complainant, who was standing on a stairway at the time, that he would fix his other eye.

The complainant was allegedly punched to one of his eyes in August by Vitaly Paraschuck, Furtak’s co-accused, resulting in an injury. Paraschuck is also on trial.

This publication learnt that Furtak continuously made derogatory statements to the complainant, who subsequently returned to the courtroom and informed the trial magistrate, Crystal Lambert, of what had transpired. Based on advice received, the man made a report to the police at the Bartica Police Station.

The report prompted ranks go behind Furtak, who they intercepted at the Bartica Stelling. However, Furtak allegedly created a commotion and attempted to resist arrest while at the stelling.

When this newspaper contacted Trenton Lake, the attorney for Furtak and Paraschuck, he explained that he was unable to comment as he did not witness what transpired.

Sources told Stabroek News that Furtak is expected to face new charges.

Furtak, 33, and Paraschuck, 38, are both employed as security officers by West Bank Demerara Gold Incorporated.

They were charged after videos of them threatening and assaulting a Guyanese were widely shared on social media.

Furtak was arraigned on two charges, while his colleague was faced with three charges.

It was alleged that Furtak on August 3rd, at Quartzstone, Cuyuni, made use of threatening behaviour to Rudolph Deane. He was also charged with failing to wear his uniform while on duty as a security officer for West Bank Demerara Gold Incorporated.

Paraschuck on the other hand, was charged with unlawful assault on Charles Clarke, causing him actual bodily harm, on August 3rd at Quartzstone backdam, Cuyuni. The second charge stated that he threatened Clarke, whereby a breach of the peace may have been occasioned. The third charge alleged that he failed to wear his uniform while being employed as a camp coordinator and security officer.  

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