Suspects in murder of Triumph shopkeeper released

Dhroowah Ramnauth

The two men who were held by the police last Friday in relation to the murder of Dhroowah Ramnauth, the shopkeeper whose lifeless body was discovered in his Triumph, East Coast Demerara home following a suspected robbery have been released from custody.

Contacted for an update yesterday, Crime Chief Lyndon Alves informed Stabroek News that the duo were released after the maximum three-day detention period expired.

The lifeless body of Ramnauth, popularly known as ‘Uncle Drup,’ 88, of Lot 119 Surat Drive, Triumph was discovered in the kitchen of his two-storey house sometime between 3 pm and 5 pm last Friday by a neighbour.

There was a wound to the right side of his head and a ‘masala brick,’ which is believed to have been used to strike Ramnauth, was found next to his body.

His hands were also tied behind his back and his mouth was tied with a rag.

The upper flat of the house and his shop on the bottom flat were ransacked.

An autopsy has revealed that Ramnauth died as a result of multiple injuries and suffocation.

Residents recalled seeing Ramnauth alive last Friday morning when he opened his shop as per normal.

Sachin Singh, the neighbour who made the discovery, said he checked on Ramnauth after he called out for him and got no answer.

 “So, after that me decide fuh jump over the fence. After dah me watch in the shop, me see the shop ransacked and when I watch in the kitchen, I see he tie up and lay down on the ground,” Singh had related. Ramnauth was attacked about a year ago when bandits broke into his house and tied him up before carting off an undisclosed amount of valuables.

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