Hope fades for three missing T&T fishermen

The fishing boat Lisa, which collided with another pirogue off Los Iros on Tuesday. One man is confirmed dead.

(Trinidad Express) Erin fishermen continue the search for three men who went down with their pirogue on Tuesday night.

The T&T Coast Guard called off the search at nightfall Wednesday. Divers were expected to return yesterday.

The missing men – Kel Hagley, 25, Edward Williams, 33, and Edmund Charles, 25 – were on board a fishing boat when it crashed into another pirogue.

Police said both vessels overturned with the seaman inside.

Sheldon Guerra, 35, died in the accident.

Police said five others were reported injured.

Williams’ niece, Kizzy Fortune, said fishermen have been searching since the incident happened.

“They never stopped. The Coast Guard came the following morning and stopped at nightfall but the fishermen never stopped. They have been searching since then and are still out there looking for my uncle and the other two. We are praying that we find them alive. If not, we are hoping to get the bodies so my grandmother can get some closure,” she said.

Fortune said the pirogue her uncle was in has not yet been sighted. “We think the boat sank,” she said.

The second pirogue involved in the accident was recovered. An autopsy is expected to be performed on Guerra’s body this morning to determine whether he drowned or died from injuries when the boat overturned.

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