Jamaica: Man kills common-law wife and teen stepdaughter

Undertakers remove one of the bodies from the murder scene yesterday morning. (Photos: Alan Lewin)

(JAMAICA OBSERVER) An enraged security guard who butchered his common-law wife and her teenaged daughter at their St James home yesterday morning later killed himself by driving over the Flat Bridge into the Rio Cobre in St Catherine, where he drowned.

The guard has been identified as Fabian Lyewsang, while the murder victims are 45-year-old gas station supervisor Deon Smith and her 16- year-old daughter Jayshenel Gordon; all of Rose Mount in St James.

Reports are that Lyewsang, who fled the murder scene in Smith’s motor car with his 13-year-old son aboard, subsequently left the child at a family member’s house in Eltham Park, St Catherine, before taking the plunge.

Deon Smith and Fabian Lyewsang in undated photo

According to Crime Officer for Area One Superintendent Michael Phipps, about 2:00 am yesterday Lyewsang called one of Smith’s family members, informing her of the carnage.

Other members of the family were subsequently alerted and went to the house where the gruesome discovery was made.

The blood-drenched body of Smith was found in a section of the house, while her daughter was found upstairs in her bed. Both victims had their throats slashed.

Yesterday morning several shell-shocked community members gathered in front of the gate to the house where the bizarre double murder was committed.

“The boy wicked, him never have to kill them,” a female community member in dialogue with members of the large gathering was overheard saying.

Danny, a community member, had fond memories of the gas station supervisor.

Student Jayshenel Gordon

“Me know her as a good person, a jovial person, a person who help people and dem way deh, so me never a look fi nothing like this happen because they (couple) always alright,” he recalled.

Another community member who gave her name only as Rosalee, also described Smith as a loving person.

“She look after everybody. Friends come there and she treat everybody good. She was a loving girl,” the grief stricken woman said.

She noted that from time to time she would hear the common-law couple arguing.

“We feel bad about it because sometimes we hear the man quarrelling with her and we go and talk to her and it quiet down and me never know that things was going on. Me in my bed and me never hear any sound, me no hear nothing at all…”

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