Trinidad: Angry residents give visiting Government minister a bath with flood water

The scene in Beetham Gardens when residents lashed out in anger (Photos: NEWSDAY)

The Acting Attorney General and Parliament member, Fitzgerald Hinds was given a bath with flood water as he visited constituents in Beetham Gardens, Trinidad and Tobago.

MP for Moruga/Tableland Lovell Francis condemned the attack and expressed outrage by the disrespect shown to the government minister.: “So your MP comes to visit you in a time of crisis and a UNC activists encourages you to disrespect him in the most vile of ways. And all of your problems are solved. Mission accomplished.”

Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture Avinash Singh described the attack as “very unfortunate.”

Over 40 homes in the area where affected, residents said.

Residents say this is the third time for the year they were affected by floods and blamed a recently constructed cylinder on the nearby Beetham highway for causing their woes.

During an interview with Guardian Media, Hinds and the councillor were drenched with a bucket of flood water.

Hinds told the residents that there will be consequences for their actions.

“I am not allowing this to happen.

I came to the community to help those affected,” he said.

His words did not deter the residents, who threw buckets of water at him. Hinds and Audian ran to safety.

Speaking afterwards, Beetham resident Anderson Wilson said the residents were unhappy with the type of representation by the Government.

“We are upset over the way things are happening, this is the third time for the year, we are faced with floods,” he said.

Wilson justified the actions by the residents saying it was their way of expressing how they feel.

In a telephone interview, Audian said after the incident people who were affected by the floods were not the culprits.

He said it was sad to see that level of behaviour by the residents. (TRINIDAD GUARDIAN)

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