Trinidad: Aspiring Teen Model Missing

The missing teen: Afesha Daniel

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) A 16 year old budding model with a heart condition has gone missing and her mother is appealing for the public to assist in finding her.

Afesha Daniel left her Tacarigua home on Sunday to attend modelling training at NALIS Library in Port of Spain, her mother Fayola Daniel said.

She attended the training and her tutor told the mother that she left early around 5.30 p.m.

However, the teenager did not return home.

Fayola Daniel said she believed her daughter packed her clothes and has run away from home.

The mother said when Afesha left on Sunday there was no sign that she was not going to return.

“I bought clothes and I gave her money and I sent her to modelling. We didn’t have any arguments or anything. I styled and cut her hair, I shaved her eye brows and did her make up. We had a good conversation. Her grandmother and I told hr good luck and she left”, said Fayola Daniel.

The teenager left wearing a black romper, with grey sandals with pearls, the mother said.

“We believe she packed her clothes during the week. I called all our family and nobody has seen her”, she said.

Afesha is a pupil of Aranguez North Secondary School.

The mother said that her daughter was handpicked by the modelling agency, and attended training two or three times per week.

She said the teenager also had ambitions to be a paediatrician.

Fayola Daniel said her daughter has one close friend, who has since told her that she (the friend) has not seen Afesha since school closed in July.

She does not have a cell phone since she lost it in school months ago, and the SIM card was disconnected.

Fayola Daniel said she was very concerned for her daughter, especially since she has a heart condition.

“She was born with a hole in her heart. She does not breathe ‘full 100’ like you and I. Doctors said she will outgrow the condition. She only takes painkillers when she feels pain”, said the mother.

“If anyone sees or hears from my daughter can you please contact me. She has a heart condition. I am very concerned for my child. I don’t want anything bad to happen to her”, she said.

The woman said she has lodged missing person reports at the Port of Spain CID and Anti Kidnapping Unit.

Anyone with information can contact police at 625-1261/2684, 999, 555, or contact the nearest police station.

Fayola Daniel can be contacted at 684 3091.

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