Pregnant Venezuelan teen missing in Trinidad for 8 months

(Trinidad Newsday) A pregnant Venezuelan teenager has been missing after last travelling to Trinidad & Tobago eight months ago.

On Monday, Venezuelan news site Tane Tanae said that, “The case of Cecilia Jimenez, a native of Diarukabanoko, a jungle region of the Orinoco Delta, continues to shake the inhabitants of the Lower Delta. She has disappeared since March 2018, after her trip to Trinidad & Tobago with some people from the aforementioned island. About her whereabouts very little is known. Those who travelled with her do not offer details about the girl who was only 16 years old and was already pregnant.”

She was supposed to give birth in September. The report went on to say, “Her concubine, a Trinidadian man who called himself Carlos, lived with the now disappeared and travelled with her three times to Trinidad. On a fourth occasion, she ended up on a trip with no return for the teenager.

Carlos returned to Diarukabanoko, and since then he continues to lead a life of feasts and drinks. He usually travels to his native island for ‘business trips.’

“The indigenous people of the area have warned that several groups of civilians from Trinidad & Tobago have entered their territories, because that is what these same men would have assured them, who, once in the aboriginal communities, establish a loving relationship with the indigenous girls, for allegedly committing illicit actions.”

The relatives of Jimenez claim they do not know anything about the Warao girl. The Warao people are an indigenous group of Amerindian people inhabiting north eastern Venezuela.

“Although her relatives claim to know nothing about Cecilia Jimenez, they found out, among the versions they have come to collect, that the young Warao had been arrested and charged for possession of arms and cash dollars that she could not justify, being found in the same home of her life partner with whom she had a relationship in Diarakabanoko, Delta Amacuro, Venezuela.”

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