Trinidad: Masked gunmen abduct family of 4

Missing: Ricardo and Isabella Sooknanan

A desperate search is underway tonight for a woman, her husband and their two infant children.

The house where the four lived was empty and ransacked when police visited earlier in Saturday.

The Sooknanan family house off the Penal Rock Road.

Missing are Aaron Sooknanan, 28, his wife Paula, 26, son Ricardo, 5 and daughter Isabella, 3.

Paula Sooknanan

Paula is a Venezuelan national.

Aaron Sooknanan

Aaron Sooknanan’s mother went to the penal Police Station to report that she had been informed by the family’s neighbour that the family had not been seen for the day.

The neighbour told police that at around 6a.m. he heard a man bawling. The man, a Venezuelan national, was found beaten, hands tied with electrical cord, on the ground floor of the house where the Sooknanans live.

Police later found out that at around 3a.m, six men wearing masks stormed the house and snatched the family.

The mother said there has been no ransom demand and no word from the Sooknanans.

The Sooknanans live at Jhulai Branch Trace, Penal Rock Road.

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