The coalition should reconsider its current stance on sugar workers’ severance

Dear Editor,

Having been instrumental in the formation and success of the coalition administration at the 2015 national elections, I cannot escape my responsibility for the precarious situation in which sugar workers now find themselves.  It is therefore in this capacity that I proceed with further dialogue with this administration.

The administration’s recent position on the payment of sugar workers’ severance is not anything I or anyone who supported the coalition in the 2015 elections bargained for, and is totally unacceptable.  In respect of the recent declarations by Mr Harmon regarding the payment of sugar workers’ severance, I wish to state that I shall not consider these remarks.  I strongly urge the coalition to reconsider the wisdom of its current stance and meet its fiduciary obligations to Guyana’s sugar workers.

Yours faithfully,
Craig Sylvester

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