Not true that PM only visits Whim when in Berbice

Dear Editor,

Mr. Rohit Persaud claimed in a letter `The PM has forgotten his former principles of frugality, – lean and clean government’ (SN January 16)  that our Prime Minister Hon. Moses Nagamootoo only visited his home village, Whim, whenever he is in Berbice. This is very far from the truth and shows that Mr. Persaud has been out of touch since he retired as a PPP Organiser   I was with the Prime Minister when he visited the Auchlyne Primary School during November, to distribute computers, books, photocopier, etc.  His wife, Aunty Sita, donated a hot and cold water dispenser for use by teachers, as she did for pensioners who use the Whim Post Office to collect their pensions.

I accompanied the PM and his wife to the Whim Burial Ground where he placed flowers at the graves of his parents, on the occasion of his 70th birthday. We need many more sons like our Prime Minister who does not forget his roots or his parents.

I remember when he became Prime Minister in 2015, his first visit was to the Whim Madras Temple, where his parents worshipped. Our Prime Minister made some promises which he honoured when the village main road was repaired and street lights were provided for the very first time.  He also provided funds to build up the burial ground.

But Whim was not the only place that received the Prime Minister. I was with him during his outreach at Skeldon and New Amsterdam; when he commissioned the pumps at Gangaram and No. 43 Village; when he visited the Nand Persaud Rice Complex and Call Centre; when he distributed kites to kids at the No. 63 Beach. I was with him when he held meetings at the PM’s Office with shrimp and fish vendors, and when he held meetings with cattle farmers from Kokrite and Black Bush Polder.

More recently, the Prime Minister attended students’ graduation functions at the Comprehensive High School and the New Amsterdam Multilateral School, both functions being picketed by PPP activists. There is no reason why Mr. Persaud is in the dark about those visits.

Editor, Prime Minister Nagamootoo is an outstanding son of the soil. He is humble and simple. He has distinguished himself in Guyana and abroad in many fields besides politics so my letter is not to defend him, but to remind the political haters that they can never put a good person down.

Yours faithfully,

Gobin Harbhajan

Regional Representative Reg #6

Office of the Prime Minister.   

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