CJIAC apologises for any discomfort caused to Ms Ramessar

Dear Editor, 

We refer to the letter by Candice Rowena Ramessar dated January 20 published in the Stabroek News captioned `The CJIA should not be profiling Rastafari and those with locks’.

The management of Cheddi Jagan International Airport Corporation (CJIAC) apologizes for any discomfort Ms. Ramessar experienced during the screening process.

We continuously train and remind our staff to conduct passenger security screening in the most professional, polite, respectful and caring manner.

All departing passengers are required to be screened via a walk thru metal detector or a full body scanner.

If in the process of screening an anomaly is detected, then the Standard Operat-ing Procedure (SOP) requires that our security personnel investigate the cause of the alarm and clear same thus ensuring that there is no threat posed to other passengers, flight crew or aircraft.

CJIAC remains committed to ensuring that all passengers are processed in an efficient and hassle free manner whilst maintaining our mandate to protect all passengers, crew and aircraft against any acts of unlawful interference against civil aviation.

Yours faithfully,

Aneka Edwards,

Head, CEO Secretariat   

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