Dear Editor,

I observe that my comments published in the Guyana Times last week, in which I stated that GAWU should not have agreed to partial severance to be paid to sugar workers, are being widely quoted by those who wish to convey the impression of a rift between the PPP and GAWU. I know of no such rift.

My statement is demonstrably being used as evidence of this alleged rift and is being deliberately portrayed as a critical attack upon GAWU by me.

I wish to make it crystal clear that I did not “attack” GAWU in my comments. At the time I made those comments, it was represented in the press that GAWU had agreed to the part-payment of severance to the workers. It was in that context that I posited a contrary view- a right to which I am entitled. My position was solely influenced by what the law mandates in such circumstances: full payment of severance upon termination of employment.

GAWU subsequently clarified that it never agreed to part- payment of severance for the workers.

I hope that this intervention will put this matter to rest.

Yours faithfully,

Anil Nandlall

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