It is Jagdeo not Chand who should bow out gracefully

Dear Editor,

I note with some consternation news stories and commentaries stating that Komal Chand’s tenure as head of GAWU is at an end because of a rift between himself and the PPP (read Bharrat Jagdeo).

I do not personally know either gentlemen, but I do know that Komal Chand (and GAWU) stood up for sugar workers’ rights extracting severance pay from the APNU+AFC government of President David Granger.

Komal Chand needs to hold his ground and not be cowed by Bharrat Jagdeo and/or his supporters. It is Bharrat Jagdeo who needs to bow out gracefully from the PPP so that a new leader can take over and the PPP can have the opportunity to regenerate. Bharrat Jagdeo has had his time as President twice; a third term is not necessary or wise.

Yours faithfully,

Sean Ori

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