Overjoyed that Arjoon finally vindicated

Dear Editor,

I am overjoyed that Mr Maurice Arjoon has been finally vindicated in court. The court has determined that Mr Arjoon was wrongfully dismissed by the New Building Society (NBS); now, he has rightfully collected the long outstanding monies the court awarded him as compensation for the loss of his livelihood. Evidence accepted by the court has confirmed that this decent man’s life was turned topsy-turvy because NBS levelled false allegations of fraud against him, causing untold heartache to himself and family.

Mr Arjoon and his family are dignified, honourable and elegant people who have lived upstanding lives in this society. They did not deserve the unimaginable pain of public shame and other challenges that were thrust upon them by the untrue allegations. Mr Arjoon was accused of fraud and fired. How could he find another job in this country or anywhere else with such a stain on his reputation?

I have always known Mr Arjoon to be a professional. He personally intervened to help many Guyanese to acquire homes in this country. He did so legitimately, by using his professional expertise to help them understand and utilize the credit facilities and other financial services offered by the NBS. Many persons I have spoken to have expressed heartfelt gratitude to Mr Arjoon for his personal intervention in their cases. I recall one instance when Mr Arjoon dealt with me professionally when I used my overdraft facility from another bank to acquire a property that was abandoned in Amelia’s Ward, Linden.

It is common knowledge that certain politicians moved to use NBS money to help finance the construction of a major project in Guyana, but Mr Arjoon blocked it because he thought it was an abuse of clients’ money.

Historically, the NBS has done a lot of good for citizens of this country and for our beloved Guyana. The real estate that RK’s Group Guyana headquarters rests on was made possible in the early ʼ80s through a $40 000 loan from NBS. The CEOs were always professional and caring personalities. Let me emphasise that the current administrators of NBS were not at all involved in denying Mr Arjoon his rights and are not the persons who destroyed his life and family. That was done by political powerhouses.

Had he not been tainted with the nasty scales of fraud, he could have developed another career locally or internationally.

Yours faithfully,

Roshan Khan



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