Is the police force composed of beggars?

Dear Editor,

I am a health professional and an employee of one of the most reputable health entities in Georgetown. I work late hours tending to the needs of the public; due to this, I journey home near midnight.

On my way home, there are a few police road blocks. I understand that it is for public safety and I condone it. Apparently, due to my petite structure and quiet appearance, I fit into their target group and I am ‘lucky’ to be pulled over at a majority of these blocks.

Firstly, 95% of the ranks I deal with, lack basic salutation skills. Secondly, one of their idiosyncrasies is to speak to you however they see fit. Thirdly, after they have finished exasperating you, they sometimes demand a “lil something”, a “Guinness money”, etc.

There was one instance where an ‘officer’ came to my window (after I was told to “pull in the corner”) in a casual dark blue shirt with graffiti and jeans, and who did not produce a badge. In a rude manner he requested my documents, scraped my clearly transparent windows for tint, checked my lights as if he was the certifying officer conducting a fitness test, then had the audacity to say (after finding nothing out of place): “Yuh ga buy 2 Banks fuh yuh bai”.

Is demanding money a part of this exercise? If not, is our police force composed of beggars and hooligans?

We are heading down a dangerous road; the ones we pay to protect us are harassing us. I urge the relevant authorities to look into this.

Yours faithfully,

(Name and address provided)

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