Gangaram water pump has been shut off with closure of Rose Hall

Dear Editor,

Over the last few months the closure of the Rose Hall Estate has been causing serious spin-off  effects for the people of East and West Canje, East Bank Berbice, New Amsterdam and the surrounding areas.

There is a serious water crisis in the Betsy Ground and Gangaram villages in East Canje. This is due to the fact that the Rose Hall Estate supplies fuel and maintains a pump in Gangaram which in return supplies water to the neighbouring villages, so because of the closure of the Rose Hall Estate the pump station has been closed, with no alternative for the people.

The most important point to note is that the residents were not paying any water rates. Now that the pump is closed it will be interesting to see what the next step by the government would be.

After the government has terminated the workers, if they now implement a new burden of water rates it would indeed be to trample on their backs.

The government should ensure that fuel is available and maintenance schedules in place so the operation of the pump could commence immediately.

Zamal Hussain

Regional Councillor

Region Six

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