Old people were given a $6,000 pension increase per year and Council wants $10,400 for garbage collection

Dear Editor,

Although not approved yet, GWI is taking senior citizens into consideration in exempting them from the staple $500.00 monthly increase. Kudos to GWI for this. Also, the mention of monitoring car washes, I cannot understand how car washes can be charged at domestic rates instead of commercial/business rates, as car washes make money from the water they use, and domestic users do not. Unlike GWI, the City Council is not taking senior citizens into consideration. Government increased senior citizens’ pensions by $6000.00 per year, but with the City Council seeking to charge $200 for the weekly pick-up of garbage, that would come to over $10,400.00 per year for garbage collection, along with an increase of 10% on rates and taxes.

Also, the City Council mentioned early last year it is illegal for car washes to operate on bridges, but this is still happening.

Yours faithfully,

(Name and address provided)

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