Performances at Region Two calypso and chutney competition were impressive

Dear Editor,

On Tuesday evening, the Regional Administration Region Two hosted a calypso and chutney competition as part of its many activities in commemorating the country’s 48th Republic Anniversary. Essequibians had seemingly lost their connection with this genre of music, in particular, calypso. It was the intention of the administration therefore to revive and sustain the culture, beginning with the presentation of local artistes. As I stood that evening and witnessed the musical renditions, six from each genre, it dawned upon me that both were alive and well in the region. The appreciable crowd too was impressed with the display given that a calypso competition had not been held in the region for almost eight years.

All the artistes were impressive, including a student from the Abram Zuil Secondary School who competed against much older performers. The representation in the calypso competition was also diverse, and I was thrilled by the performing artistes emanating from the Amerindian communities. It was indeed quite an absorbing evening with the artistes captivating the hearts of the audience, in particular the winners of both categories. The Mighty Voltage who won the calypso crown, hadn’t sung competitively for almost thirteen years, yet he hadn’t lost any power and delivered quite a witty and stirring rendition that illuminated the cool evening skies. His lyrics were relevant, as he appealed for racial equality, political unity and social and economic security. The Chutney Queen’s spicy rendition also had the crowd absorbing every moment, though they all sang in Hindi.

This was an especially a proud moment for the administration given that it’s a diverse community, and the audience appreciated and applauded every lyric, including the Deputy Regional Executive Officer Roopkumar Persaud and the Mash Committee which was responsible for creating the huge success that was achieved that evening. The concept of social cohesion had manifested itself, and the pleasing sight will linger for a long time. It is my fervent hope that this will be the beginning of much grander cultural explosions in Region Two.

I commend the audience for grasping the opportunity to witness a rich evening of local talent and lasting memories.

Yours faithfully,

Elroy Stephney

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