Government has not responded to offer to supply national grid from wind turbine

Dear Editor,

We are very supportive of the APNU+AFC coalition government’s thrust to create a ‘Green State’ in Guyana. In fact, we support the Green Development State Strategy in principle. Also commendable is the national objective of creating and utilizing alternative sources of energy.

As such, we are very perturbed and dismayed that we have not yet received a response to our offer to the government for the supply to the national grid from our 250 kv wind turbine, set up at Skeldon, Corriverton, Berbice.

We sent out correspondence to the Minister of Public Infrastructure, Guyana Power & Light, Region Six officials and other related parties regarding our ability to contribute to national development and a stable electricity supply, through the provision of excess generated energy from this state-of-the-art wind turbine. It was set up four months ago, after being imported to Guyana from India over a year ago.

However, as the situation stands right now, apart from feeling deflated in our quest to be supportive of national development efforts, we are contemplating dismantling the turbine, which is already operational, at tremendous cost to us, and shipping it back out of the country, because as it stands now it could become a white elephant. This is because the primary purpose of supplying our new multimillion dollar hotel (Classic International) with electricity and other requirements have not been allowed.

So we are still part of the national grid, but would also like to supply the grid with affordable surplus energy from our wind turbine operation. We are calling on the government to pay heed to our efforts in supporting its green thrust and utilize all available alternative energy sources.

Yours faithfully,

Ras Leon Saul

For Management of Classic International Hotel


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