No transparency by Bartica Council when issuing new stalls

Dear Editor,

Mr Winston James applied for one of the new stalls constructed by the Bartica Council. He had been vending with an umbrella and a small table in front of the Bartica Market for more than  three years and paid a fee for doing so. Mr James is disabled. He is in need of hip replacement surgery and as such, is not able to move around much and uses crutches. Vending has been his main income and through that he cares for his family.

Mr James was extremely hopeful that he would have been considered for one of the new stalls since he had been vending in the location for a long time, had a good financial record with the council and had met their requirements.

I had personally taken Mr James and his wife to the Mayor to ensure that all the procedures had been followed to allow Mr James an opportunity to get a new stall. It was at that meeting that the Mayor declared that persons who were occupying spots and had relocated to accommodate the building of the stalls would be given first preference. Lo and behold, Bartica residents saw persons known to them winning these stalls. Persons occupying the spots were not given first preference, and to date applicants are unaware as to how friends and family members of Council-lors won those stalls.

The Bartica United Youth Development Group (BYUDG) is appalled by the heartlessness shown in the case of Mr James. The BYUDG calls on the Bartica municipality to correct their blatant disregard for procedure and transparency. It will be seeking a meeting with the Bartica Mayor and Town Council to have this matter addressed, and if it is not, it will seek a court ruling on the legality of the issuance of the stalls, and have the council’s decision reversed.

Yours faithfully,

Micah Williams

General President

Bartica United Youth Development


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