I saw the writing on the wall

Dear Editor,

Upon reading a letter titled ‘Every Councillor has a voice at the Georgetown City Council’ (SN, March 17) over my customary cup of coffee this morning, I couldn’t help but smile and shake my head in disbelief. It is quite obvious that the letter’s intent is to paint a picture of me as a disappointed and disgruntled person because I wasn’t returned as Deputy Mayor (DM). Nothing could be further from the truth!

Quite the contrary, I saw the writing on the wall when, on Sunday last, I was contacted by a person known to me who asked me to rescind my seconding of Sherod Duncan’s No Confidence motion against the Town Clerk which was slated to be heard the following day, (Monday). I bluntly refused, stating that I intended to continue my support of Mr Duncan because I personally believe his motion is based on facts.

No need to go into the details, as we all know what transpired at the Statutory Meeting the next day regarding Sherod and his motion. After we both walked from the meeting I remember telling Sherod that I had a feeling that I would not be re-elected come Thursday, and regardless of the outcome, we’ve made our stand so let the chips fall where they may.

On Wednesday, I called my secretary into my office and thanked her for her diligent service over the past year and asked her to have my three art prints, my clock and my cordless phones, (my personal items that I brought with me), packed and ready for my driver to pick up the next morning. This can be corroborated.

After arriving home that evening  I received a call from someone I know who informed me that there had been a caucus in the Mayor’s office that very afternoon amongst the APNU Councillors and it was decided there and then that I would be replaced as DM by Councillor Peter, the reason being because of my support of Sherod’s no confidence motion and our subsequent walk out of council after it was surpressed.

On Thursday morning before I left my home to go to City Hall and the election,  I spoke to the security detail attached to my residence and thanked him for his sterling service promising that I would put in a good word for him with regard to his next assignment. This also can be corroborated. Are these the actions of a disgruntled person Editor?

I expected everything that happened last Thursday except for one thing. Why refuse to accept the nomination of myself by Councillor Duncan? They knew that they had the election won, lock, stock and barrel. The only votes that I would have received from the Councillors present would have been from Councillors Duncan and Kuppen. My own vote would have made it a paltry three votes as opposed to twenty odd against!

Was my nomination not accepted because I am so loved at council and the powers that be didn’t want to hurt my feelings, or wasn’t it accepted because myself and Sherod Duncan needed to be reprimanded and reminded of our position in the grand scheme of things at City Hall?

It is this part of the election, the flaunting of Robert’s Rules of Order and the general disregard for the democratic process, that prompted me to express to the media afterwards that it’s my opinion, “The AFC has been kicked to the curb.”

Mr King, in his letter states that each Councillor has a voice at the Georgetown City Council. The way nominations were blatantly closed immediately after the first nomination at City Hall does not bear testament to Councillor Duncan having a voice.  It was an insult to the AFC Councillors.

This is my city, my country, my democracy, one I need to pass on to my three girls. I cannot watch without doing anything. I look forward to resuming my seat as a Councillor of the City of Georgetown and continue to serve my constituents, party and country.

Yours faithfully,

Lionel Jaikaran

Deputy Mayor

(Until March 31)

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