What is the merit of learning Creolese at university level?

Dear Editor,

There has not really been a serious debate about the merits of learning Guyanese Creolese at university level. The English language is the international language of business, so we should really be focusing on learning English at a higher level. We should also be encouraging the learning of Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish to facilitate trade with South America.

When Microsoft wants a computer programmer they do not ask for Creolese speakers. Learning Creolese is a waste of time and valuable resources. What is it supposed to do? Teach us national pride? In any event there are various Creolese dialects, so which one will they be promoting?

For the next 25 years at least (while the oil is flowing) Guyanese will need to converse in English (possibly American English) to promote trade. The rest of the world is not about to learn Guyanese Creolese.

Yours faithfully,

Sean Ori

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