2020 will be a straight political battle between the PNC and PPP

Dear Editor,

Today I must again expose Mr Tacuma Ogunseye from the WPA as he issues another of his statements captioned in SN ‘WPA should put on its political agenda whether it makes sense to stay in APNU, coalition government’ (SS, March 18).

Someone has to be hallucinating if they believe that the PNC gives a hoot about what the WPA or AFC or Mr Ogunseye thinks or wants at this point in time.  The PNC leaders are clear in their mind: 2015 is gone and these coalition partners are nothing else but disposable slippers, they cannot help the PNC in 2020.  The PNC is wise enough to know that it would be to their political advantage to focus on its own internal party machinery to get out the votes because there is not much to expect from these little aggravations passing themselves off as political parties in the coalition, especially the WPA.  At least the AFC can market their 2011 numbers of 35,333 votes as a badge of honour today, although that will count for naught in 2020 where if the AFC chose to run on its own it would not even get 1,000 votes on a sunny day.  The WPA is in even worse political shape.

Mr Ogunseye and the WPA leadership need to wake up from their political slumber and fast because it is the PNC which saved that terminal politically ill party by including it in the 2015 coalition or else they would have been politically dead by now. Thus they should be grateful to the PNC for propping them up when they needed such an extension on their political life.  But in exchange for saving its political life, all the PNC gets from the WPA is heavy doses of ingratitude.  The people are watching this hypocrisy from the WPA today.

Only the politically confused will not recognize that 2020 is a straight political battle between the PNC and the PPP.  The Guyanese people are not confused and will not be confused in 2020; they have all gone back home to the PNC and PPP.  It is my conviction that in 2020, all else will be crushed to political dust because the voting population will never forget what the AFC did to them.

I feel sorry for Mr Ogunseye and his small group in the WPA because they came from a strong Rodneyian legacy, but because of their unprincipled political position since 2015 they have orchestrated their own self destruction.  When they were unceremoniously ejected from the Education portfolio and replaced by the PNC they did nothing.  As I said then and I say now, Dr David Hinds would have made an even better Minister of Education than Dr Roopnaraine but he was never considered because Mr Granger is insecure around Dr Hinds’s advocacy skills and brilliance.  Mr Granger’s ‘cuppa’ is more along the line of intellectual lightweights who cannot detect the difference between our national holidays.

So Mr Ogunseye should fall in line with the PNC like Clive Thomas and the other political opportunists have done. Walter Rodney would have been totally ashamed of them.

Yours faithfully,

Sasenarine Singh

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