Police with speed guns should not be stationed on bends in the road

Dear Editor,

For the past few weeks I have noticed an increasing trend of police traffic officers with speed guns once again conducting their activities around bends in the roads. This practice was banned by the Guyana Police Force after such a patrol caused a road fatality.

Some common bends along the East Bank Road where officers are now ‘hiding’ on a regular basis include the northern curve around Rahaman’s Park heading to Meadowbank wharf; the southern curve when approaching Little Diamond; the southern curve at DSL in Little Diamond; and very recently another patrol was seen around the northern curve along the stretch of road which connects the East Bank Road with Mandela Avenue.

Such a practice by our police continues to expose road users to the risk of accidents, which I personally experienced when a vehicle directly in front of me braked suddenly while negotiating the Rahaman Park curve.

It is hoped that the policy of the GPF still remains the same, and if so, the traffic officers on the road should be reminded of this policy so as not to endanger the lives of road users.

Yours faithfully,

M Abraham

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