Kissoon should go to the court registry and collect the judge’s decision

Dear Editor,

I refer to Frederick Kissoon’s letter published in Stabroek News, April 13, under the caption ‘Ogunseye had problems with Roopnaraine’s political culture.’

For the purpose of this letter I am ignoring most of what he wrote in his ongoing attempts to mislead the public and to discredit me. For the benefit of the public and, without even checking on the accuracy of the reported content, I wish to state that the email he referred to was indeed written by me. Unlike Kissoon I don’t play games with my politics. At the time of writing the referenced email I was fully aware with whom I was communicating and the likelihood of it being used in the way it was. The point I wish to note here is that if Mr Kissoon believed when I communicated my views of Dr Roopnaraine to him I had hoped he would have treated with it in a confidential manner, he was then, and is now, more foolish than I thought he was. It is well known throughout this society that the one best way to keep information in Guyana confidential is to tell Freddie Kissoon.

Kissoon sees “fire and brimstone” in my judgement of comrade Rupert Roopnaraine. I stand by the observations I made to him. Mr Kissoon is well aware (having been in the party for some time and, enjoyed the same privilege), that WPA’s political culture allows for frank and objective criticism – whether those criticisms are expressed in or outside of the party ‒ of any its members or leaders. I have been subjected to similar examination and criticisms by not only party members but also by members of the public. This is borne out by the fact that Kissoon himself has quoted remarks he claimed were directed to me by eminent persons in the WPA, including, the highly acclaimed and deeply respected, Brother/Elder Eusi Kwayana.

It is my strongly held view that the real reason for Mr Kissoon revealing the information in my email to him, resides in his attempt to fool the public into believing he was telling the truth in respect to what he claimed had transpired in court in my libel action (SN, April 12, 2018). This, to my mind, underscores the depths of his deviousness and the extent of his contempt for the public. I wish to offer this advice to Mr Kissoon: Go to the court registry and collect copies of the decision of the judge/magistrate who presided in the matter and publish that information.

Editor, once that information exists, is authenticated and is publicly revealed I, Tacuma Ogunseye, will announce forthwith the end of my involvement in politics.

Yours faithfully,

Tacuma Ogunseye

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