Grand total of vacancies advertised by TSC this year was 757

Dear Editor,

In my letter in Stabroek News of April 20 which has the headline: ‘There were 735 vacancies advertised by the TSC not 3472,’ I indicated that Mr John said that vacancies for Practical Instruction Centres were not included in his statistics.  In comparing like with like, I showed a grand total of 735 in comparison with Mr John’s 3472.  I indicated that I would not refer to Practical Instruction Centres at that point in time.  I do so now, as below.

Source:  Teaching Service Commission Vacancy Notice in Sunday Stabroek of April 8, 2018.

It seems, therefore, that the TSC advertised a total of 757 vacancies this year.

I remind that these 757 vacancies are in schools that come under the authority of the Teaching Service Commission.  The School Boards Secretariat will have advertised separately in respect of vacancies in schools under its authority.  Teachers in the Public Education Service may apply for any of the advertised vacancies for which they are eligible under the Criteria for Making Appointments to Senior Posts in Schools, 2018.

Yours faithfully,

George N Cave

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