Newly resurfaced Cummings Lodge road under threat from trucks

Dear Editor,

Mere weeks now the residents of Cummings Lodge have been enjoying the benefits of a recently resurfaced main road. This was after years of having to dodge numerous potholes which existed throughout the length of the road. Many thanks to the Ministry of Public Infrastructure for this relief.

All of this is now in great risk of being damaged because the last few days have seen numerous gigantic sand trucks delivering sand to a new construction site at UG via this resurfaced road. This road is being used though there is a much nearer road to the construction site. Presumably the truck drivers are utilizing this road because it is in a much better condition than the road nearer to the site.

But already, there are consequences of these large trucks traversing the resurfaced road. There is clear evidence of the edges of the road crumbling under the weight of these monstrous trucks and it seems only a matter of time before the main part of the road also starts breaking up.

It would be an act of utter disregard and disrespect to the residents of Cummings Lodge if these trucks are allowed to recklessly break up this road. An urgent plea is therefore being made to the relevant authorities to please immediately monitor this situation and implement measures to maintain the integrity of the road.

Please do not wait until it is too late and the trucks and contractors disappear and leave us residents facing the consequences of their inconsiderate actions

There are some other road safety issues which need highlighting. Firstly, the contractor/truck drivers are using the main access bridge into Cummings Lodge as a parking site for the laden trucks. No other vehicle can use the bridge since the truck parks completely on the bridge. A pickup is also used to block the road from other users. There are no signs warning road users of this blockage.

Finally, these trucks are also delivering their load under the cover of darkness. The streets are very dark and narrow. The size of these trucks may lead to an accident since unsuspecting road users may not be aware that such large vehicles are operating in the area. Night trips should be banned in the interest of the safety of other road users.

Hopefully these concerns can be addressed with alacrity.

Yours faithfully,

M. Abraham

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