Bishop Fisher should recall this letter

Dear Editor,

The Buddha said “if you propose to speak ask yourself is it true, is it necessary, is it kind”

My Attention was drawn to a letter published in the Kaieteur News dated May 4, 2018 captioned “A Bishop Edghill never seen before.”

I will not attempt to defend my elder brother; Bishop Juan Anthony Edghill, since I am certain that he is capable of doing so adequately. My response is based on an attack on my family, the children who were raised by a hard-working woman who taught us that there is honour in hard work, honesty and integrity and pushed us all with her limited means to strive for excellence.

On reading the missive I was wondering the reason for the letter as it appeared to me to be an effort to create mischief and I was tempted to ignore its contents but  I am aware of the potential this letter has to create disaffection within our family and among friends and colleagues of the family some of whom are unaware of all the history of the family and may very well have varying political persuasions  and  as the dear “Bishop” Fisher stated “may be swayed and misled by his utterings”.

In his effort to create whatever mischief he has in mind, Bishop Fisher has failed to heed the advice of Buddha and has sinned in his effort to create disaffection between people some of whom he has never met.

Other than the letter being riddled with inaccuracies on events in Guyana and about the level of involvement of my mother with the PNC and my brother, I ask the question why now? Was this letter necessary? It definitely is not kind, not to  my mother whom this “Bishop Fisher” has never met but seems to give the impression that she is driven by malice. She is not in Guyana to defend herself and I am unsure if she is up to date with the politics of Guyana at present.

But personal relationships can be damaged by these false utterances by Bishop Fisher. Even if I were tempted to believe that there was some truth in what he reported to have transpired he got so carried away with his lies that he exposed himself.

Bishop Fisher I think you should do the decent thing and recall this letter and apologise  for the mischief contained therein. Bishop Fisher you have failed to heed the 9th commandment.

Yours faithfully,

Rev’d Fr Raymon E Cummings

youngest Brother of Bishop Juan A Edghill

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