Organisers ensured President didn’t see deplorable Victory Lane road

Dear Editor,

A few weeks ago, the Honourable President of the Co-operative Republic  of Guyana visited the town of Linden in order to recommission the recreational facility in the Victor Valley area. While the recreational centre is of value to the residents, the road that leads to that area (Victory Valley) is the worst road on the Wismar shore, no better than those in cane and rice fields. The President was taken through Sunflower Street (formerly Gateway Alley) where he could not see the deplorable condition of Victory Lane. In my opinion, the organizers blindfolded the President which I consider as an act of deception

Councillors in both organizations (M&TC and RDC) seem not to understand what their functions are. It is now the rainy season and many roads on the western side of Linden have very large and deep holes filled with water and many on sandy areas are washing away, thus causing drivers of motor vehicles to create driveways on reserve land.

Some of such roads are: – those in the Wismar Hill Housing Scheme, the road aback the Wismar Hospital Complex which joins Blue Berry Hill and One Mile, Wismar Post Office Street (Robert Jordan Road), roads in Silvertown and the list goes on.

Quite recently, the water department (GWI) conducted a pipe-laying exercise close to one of our best roads in the Canvas City area, the rain came and that road is being threatened by erosion due to that exercise. The town of Linden where a river passes through, the western half has serious problems with roads and drainage construction and development. We have suffered too much for too long, we are citizens of Linden too. Contractors and builders “It’s time to do better work”. 

Yours faithfully,

B. Winslow Parris

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