Annoying message from GTT

Dear Editor,

I had decided some time ago to remain silent on the issue of GTT sending .messages to me encouraging me to call my relatives and friends who reside in North America and ask them to top up my cell phone account so that it can be multiplied three or four times over.

This  behaviour by GT&T   could only create disrespect for my fellow Guyanese. Why must we be seen as mendicants? Are we not proud enough or responsible enough a people to pay our phone bills? I can recall being in New York on more than one occasion when this embarrassing topic arose.

As a nation we are trying to rebuild the way we were, proud and responsible. Let us not be seen as irresponsible beggars. I take umbrage with the marketing strategy by this service provider. I have no account with Digicel so I will not speak about them

To GTT management, please be advised that if I receive one other such message I will report same to the Public Utilities Commission. This nonsense must cease immediately.

Yours faithfully,

Orin Major 

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