Time for the Indigenous people to shake up the status quo

Dear Editor,

I refer to SN’s editorial of Wednesday 30-05-2018 headlined `Sad day at school’ where you gave your take on the treatment meted out to the nine year old Amerindian kid by the administration of Mae’s Schools on the occasion of culture day.

I want to specifically comment on the paragraph, “This episode has sparked a gathering firestorm on social media and yesterday there was a silent protest in front of the school by a group of concerned citizens, including members of the Amerindian People’s Association, the National Toshaos Council and the boy’s mother. One senses that this might just be the beginning of the repercussions from this event”.

Sir, I want to say that this eye pass, disrespect and discrimination against our Indigenous people will continue until they take a stand and say enough is enough and we will not be used by politicians from both sides of the divide in the future ever again.

Amerindians must be able to stand up and say we are proud of our culture and heritage and the other ethnic groups in this country must understand that and not disrespect us, and I therefore call on my Amerindian brothers and sisters for this to happen. You have to launch your own political party to empower yourselves and have a say in the affairs of this country.

Your vote is 10 percent in this country. Imagine the power you will wield as the power broker of the two other ethnic parties in this country. For any one of them to form the next government they will have to sit down and negotiate with you. You will hold all the trumps and you will never be disrespected and discriminated ever again.

The leaders of this country since independence have only cared for themselves, their families and their friends, and to hell with the poor and vulnerable people of this land, and it is time to shake up the status quo, and the Indigenous people are well positioned to do so.

This is a wake-up call to my Amerindian brothers and sisters, rise up and let your voice be heard. Form your own political party.

Yours faithfully,

 Imtiaz Baccus       

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