GTT could give a little free WiFi

Dear Editor,

Please permit me a few lines in your newspaper to ask the Guyana Telephone Telegraph (GTT) to do more.

Editor, I find it strange that the company has such a slogan, “GTT do More”. Firstly, I must commend the company and give to it, its “Petticoat”, because despite the many hiccups, the company continues to provide to the Guyanese people many services that are needed.

However, on Wednesday, I visited GTT’s BlackBerry store office to pay my telephone bill. I had to wait about 15 minutes in a short line. While waiting I thought to myself, why not go browsing on the Internet, after all I am at “GTT”  – “Do More”.

It was then, that I realized that to gain access to a little WiFi for the while I would be in there, required passwords for the various accounts available.

I find it a little strange that I am at GTT, a company that provides internet services and there is no free WIFI while I wait. I am not going to spend all day in the store, why can’t customers like myself, enjoy at least 15 minutes of free WiFi?. It is 2018. Oh, I do have my GTT DSL don’t get me wrong.

Dear, GTT please consider offering customers a little free WiFi while at your offices. After all, a little WiFi can go a far way. If I am selling coconut biscuits, once you come to my store I will be sure to offer you a little sample of my biscuits while your browse, so please for a sample GTT. I know you can, “Do More”.

I queried from the sales representative why such was the case and it came down to me needing to have a cellphone connected to your network. Again GTT, this is 2018. 

Yours faithfully,

Handell Duncan

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