Food businesses losing the custom of a great number of Muslim buyers

Dear Editor,

Time after time we see some very interesting news appearing in the press related to our resorts, local hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, meat shops and other eating places but we hardly see any details of the kind of foods served and cost of accommodations or special packages offered.

In Guyana several denominations are concerned with what they eat, for instance, Muslims are concerned with Halaal meats from animals or birds with no contamination with pork or un-Halaal Products. The chicken, turkey or ducks must be supplied with the required Halaal labels but this is not always applicable although some producers do prepare birds for sale. The restaurants usually advertise their fried chicken or pastries etc, but they never identify if they are Halaal or not.

Muslims will not buy from those places which do not properly advertise their products, neither would they want to enter any business places where pork products are prominently displayed near meats & seafoods. Businesses are certainly losing the custom of a great number of Muslim buyers when they do not usually identify their products as Halaal if this is a fact.

For those who visit London they should visit the Lord’s establishment in a large separate department provided and they would see how all races and religions rush to buy everything Halaal from meats to cooked food products with many believing that Halaal products taste better. The same applies to many parts of the world in Europe, North America and of the Near, Far and Middle East countries. Halaal and vegetarian dishes should be stored and offered separately.

There are thousands of Muslims living in Guyana and if they find that their way of life is being respected, they too could be among the patrons and customers of established Businesses. Editor I trust you will give some prominence to this communication and help to promote same, for, as you are aware Muslims play a very important part in the lives of all peoples in Guyana.

Concerning resorts and weekend holidays several Guyanese would like to travel to the interior and spend week-ends away from home and certainly would like to know the cost of accommodation, but hardly any promotion is being done to encourage our people to enjoy more outdoor life. Over to you operators of related businesses.

Yours faithfully,

S.M.V. Nasseer



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