No ulterior motive in call to nationalize Berbice Bridge

Dear Editor,

As a concerned Berbician and Guyanese and having noted indications in the media about the probability of a rate increase for the use of the Berbice River Bridge, I made a simple suggestion that our National Government (emphasis our National Government!) should consider “nationalizing the Berbice River Bridge” and so forestall any increase on the bridge-toll, having regard to the hardship the current toll presents and furthermore, having regard to the matter of national equality in that the Berbice Bridge toll is already 20 times the ‘national’ Demerara Bridge toll.

I was therefore, naturally shocked to see in yesterday’s media (15/8/18) a rather scurrilous letter written by one, Earl Hamilton, imputing ugly ‘political’ motives to my genuine concerns for users of the Berbice bridge, including, of course myself as a very regular user of the  said bridge.

 My appeal was consciously directed to ‘Our National Government” with the specific purpose of avoiding any of the very aspersions Mr Hamilton has now ever so wrongly imported into my thinking. As far as I know, a “national government” includes all parties and groups, irrespective of their personal political persuasions. There were no other ulterior motives and I take umbrage at Mr Hamilton’s imputations. If indeed he is a man worth his salt, he will publicly apologize for his impulsive imputation.

I also take this opportunity to appeal to all my fellow Guyanese to resist the temptation to see everything through political and by extension racial lens.

Yours faithfully,

Nowrang Persaud

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