Not happy with Region Seven REO

Dear Editor,

The Regional Executive Officer, Mr. Roderick Edinboro, who was removed from Region 5 and not accepted in Region 10 was somehow sent to our region (Cuyuni/Mazaruni) to much unhappiness of our community. Since his arrival, sheer confusion seems to be the order of the day. We have complained to a number of Ministers including Hon. Dawn Hastings and Hon. George Norton to no avail, only promises that the matter is being addressed and things will improve. To date, nothing has changed and we are frustrated, disappointed and angry.

Why is this situation allowed to continue by the subject Ministry, i.e. Ministry of Communities and specifically Hon. Minister Ronald Bulkan, who seems to have turned a blind eye on our plight?

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Communities Mr. Emil McGarrell doesn’t seem to bother about the general performance and perceptions of his REOs. One only has to look at their performance when appearing at the Public Accounts Committee which speaks volumes of the level of competence of some of these REOs.

Why is Mr. Edinboro allowed to continue to function with such impunity?

Yours faithfully,

(Names and addresses supplied)

Editor’s note: A complaint could be lodged with the Local Government Commission.

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