Gobin Harbhajan being targeted

Dear Editor,

I have read with keen interest and saw the Evening News and I am convinced that the malicious and vitriolic attack on Mr Gobin Harbhajan is meant to silence him in his fight against corruption perpetrated by officials and other members of the Alliance for Change (AFC). However, he would not have been the first AFC member to experience this dirty display of venomous discharge, others were described as ‘rogues’.

However, it is the first time that the AFC has dispensed with any sort of decorum, tact or diplomacy in dealing with members who have dared to expose cronyism and corruption which have infested the party, more so after the Coalition assumed office in 2015. Since then we have seen the exodus of high ranking members and the disintegration of the AFC’s Canada Chapter all due to the fact that the AFC leaders have miserably failed to live up to their founding principles and their promise to eradicate corruption.

AFC’s Abel Seetaram’s attempt at the Region 6 Agriculture Expo to besmirch the character of Mr Harbhajan and to tempt him to act outside of the law failed miserably since the latter has lived up to the expectation of being a dignified politician. He ignored Seetaram much to his (Seetaram’s) ire. Who then went on to lambast the Prime Minister. Mr Seetaram, however, has lived up to the public’s expectation of him.

This personal attack on Mr Harbhajan started a long time ago and much effort was expended by this same group to ensure that Mr Harbhajan did not become a member of the National Executive of the AFC since that would have given him more power to fight corruption but they underestimated the tenacity of the man.

The Prime Minister’s Regional Office is an important one in Region 6 and it is the only ray of light through which people can get things done in Region 6 which has become so depressed economically and socially and the Regional Representative has impartially and objectively carried out his functions, never seeking personal favours and gains.

Yours faithfully,

Rohit Persaud

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