Linden-Lethem Road in deplorable state, people are suffering

Dear Editor,

My wife and I decided to travel through the Linden-Lethem road while on my annual leave. A decision I took based on reports of the improvement of the said road. However, if there was improvement of the road’s condition I’m left to question its previous state.

The road is in a deplorable state, the worst I have ever seen, drivers require great skill and expertise to cross in some areas what seems to be trenches and  deteriorating  bridges.  This road poses great dangers and it would seem that very little if any attempts were made to maintain it over the past two years. Many accidents seem to go unreported and many losses and even injuries are experienced by persons using this road.

Apart from experiencing the struggles users of this road face, I have not regretted my choice since those of us in leadership positions must blaze the trail with the people. If leaders fly and not be grounded with the people then our woes will increasingly grow.

My experience on this trail  will linger for a long time; Guyanese while silent with frustrations come together at times of struggles and help one another. One example is a tired truck porter giving his hammock to a young mother with her two small children. Another was the leadership demonstrated by Honourable Minister Sydney Allicock who patiently waited for over 15 hours at the Kurupukari crossing with many others while a toppled truck with tons of lumber had to disembark the vessel that transports passengers and vehicles across the river. Minister Allicock could have left and sought accommodation at a neighbouring facility but in this case he remained with the people. During the long wait we also shared our views on many matters and I did commend him as I’m doing now for what he did.

Most politely  I’m recommending  that our Minister of Public Infra-structure use this road, if he never did, so that he can experience the struggles of the people; women, children, loggers, truck and bus operators etc.

Further, I humbly seek our Government’s intervention in enhancing the conditions of the Linden- Lethem Road. All in the best interest of national development.

Yours faithfully,

Devanand Ramdatt

Regional Chairman

Region Two  

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