Bad experience at CPL game

Dear Editor,

I purchased six tickets for the CPL game for the 8th of September 2018 for the Guyana stadium. It took me and family four hours to get there and into the stadium, when I got to the orange stand to locate my seats, some other family was sitting in my seats.

I went to get the CPL staff to rectify the matter and a seat supervisor came and looked at my tickets then told me that my tickets were printed twice. It’s a computer printing error.

I had to stand with my family for almost two and half hours for them to fix it. But they failed to do so. I decided to ask for a refund. They said CPL tickets are not refundable.

I hope a CPL official can explain this to me.

Who will reimburse me and family for this traumatic experience?

Yours faithfully,

Steve Kissoon

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