Youth development being stymied by vulgar Jamaican ‘songs’

Dear Editor,

Guyana’s youth development efforts are being stymied by the vulgar Jamaican ‘songs’ which are all about female private body parts. It is shocking to realise that this ‘music’ is modern and popular with the young people. I submit that it is not the music itself that I am critical of, but the vulgar lyrics. How could youths respect themselves when on their way to and from school in mini buses, all that is pumped into their young minds is vulgarity.

I submit that we are allowing the enemy to sow seeds of debauchery in the fields of our youths and we are already reaping the bitter harvest. The vulgar lyrics of that sub-culture Jamaican crap should have no place in Guyana’s 83,000 square miles. What manner of people are we to allow this nonsense? The police have their work cut out for them – no boom-boom boxes in the mini buses. (Isn’t that illegal?) No vulgar lyrics and music in the mini buses. Stop polluting the young minds of our youths. We the adults have a responsibility to the next generation. What is Guyana becoming? A cultural colony of the worst out of Jamaica?

Yours faithfully,

Francis Quamina Farrier

The Bishops’ High School Parent of the Year 1987

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