Zinnias are fantastic garden flowers and are gardeners’ favourites.

This is the time of the year when they thrive. Zinnias are annuals; the season for them is from early March to mid-September. Each year, they are best replanted from seeds.

Zinnias like full sun and come in a rainbow of colours, making the annual planting more than worthwhile.

The varieties include hybrids in striped, speckled or bi-coloured. However, the two main varieties are the dwarf which grows to approximately six inches tall and the giant which grows to approximately four feet tall.

Zinnias are easy to grow. Set seeds in Pro Mix and they will germinate within seven to ten days. Plant out in well-drained soil when the seedlings are approximately three to four inches tall.

Zinnias make awesome borders, hedges or container plants. In addition, you can cut the flowers and place them in a vase in your home so that you are able to enjoy them two ways.

Until next week, Happy Gardening.

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